The Dress Code of The British Club Bangkok


“Eat to please thyself, but dress to please others”
- Benjamin Franklin -


From 15th August 2013, our Club will have a revised dress code which primarily affects use of the Churchill Bar and The Verandah. The dress code was set by Members at the June EGM. 

In its simplest terms …..




BEFORE 6PM   -  Smart Casual          AFTER 6PM  -   Smart 


In detail ….

Before 6pm: Smart Casual

Members believe that during the daytime one should dress in the Clubhouse as one would to visit close friends – smart, casual, friendly and neat – suitable for the dining room not the bedroom nor garden!  

Thus for males a long/short sleeved shirt, polo shirt or round-neck T-shirt (with no wording that may cause offence) is appropriate with trousers or smart jeans (i.e. not torn or frayed) or tailored shorts. Footwear can be stylish open or closed toe shoes, sandals or trainers. The same attire applies for the ladies but also with smart separates, a dress or business attire.

It would be expected that one would not wear running shorts, singlets, sleeveless shirts, swim-wear, sporting attire, tracksuits, Capri shorts, flip-flops or slippers, baseball caps, sports caps, bandanas or hats.


After 6pm: Smart

During the evening, Members believe that what you wear should be slightly less casual so there will be no shorts and for males no open-toe shoes or sandals. Of course for formal functions being held at the Club, formal wear, business suits, military uniforms, or national dress is also permitted.



For The Verandah, it is expected that children will be decently dressed and not wearing swim-wear or be bare-footed.


TV Sports & the like

The General Committee reserves the right to suspend the dress code for a specific Club event or major TV sporting events.


Due Diligence

The Duty Manager can advise on any dress code matter and will handle issues with any Member whose person, spouse, child or guest who may be in breach of the rules.


A pictorial summary of the above is shown below - Click on an image for a larger version: