The Club hosts a variety of different weekly occasions, including Monday: Mah-jong, Tuesday: Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers, Thursday : BAMBI mothers and children, Sunday: Brunch, and also Sunday Bridge tournaments.

There are also monthly Wine-Tastings and monthly Quiz Nights which are attended by a significant number of people, and we also have special meals for major days such as both Thai and UK Mother's Day, Valentine's Day,  Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and the Queen's official birthday.

Other less regular events include Car Boot Sales, Brewery and Winery visits, Farm visits (for families), Boat trips as well as the occasional sailing day. When possible we buy bulk tickets for key Bangkok concerts – from Cliff Richard to Eric Clapton to Lady Gaga, and provide transportationto and from them.

We are also proud to organise the annual Trafalgar Dinner, a formal and traditional four-course dinner each complemented by its own fine wine, which culminates with a Forces' speaker while a bottle of port circulates each table.  With a specially designed backdrop, it is a smart and inspiring evening of merriment.

Annual events include the Annual Christmas Ball held outside under the stars, an evening of Christmas Carols sung by a school choir, the Children’s Christmas party, Pancake Day, Songkran Day, the Club's Birthday Party, Easter Day including an Easter Egg Hunt, a Children's Halloween Party, Guy Fawkes Night, Loy Krathong, New Year's Eve Dinner Cruise, and the refreshing and invigorating New Year’s Day Polar Swim. We also celebrate some of the patron saint days of the UK by holding special buffets and parties as well those from our other core nationalities – in fact Canada Day is one of the largest events in the Club!