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Although The British Club and Cricket should be like Apple Pie and Custard or Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pud, cricket has a patchy history at the Club. The Club's records were lost during World War II when the Japanese Army occupied the Clubhouse, but it is probably safe to say there was no British Club Cricket until the 1960s because there was only one ground in Bangkok … at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC). Since most BC Members were also members there, that is where they played their cricket. The first definitive evidence of British Club cricket is the Marshall Trophy first played between BCB and RBSC in 1963 and then played annually, sort of.

Cricket in Thailand began to develop in in the 1970’s with the establishment of the Thailand Cricket League in 1974 and since then there has been regular league cricket in Bangkok. To begin with this meant just a handful of matches for the Club but, in the 1980s, with new grounds at the Polo Club and in Chiang Mai and improvements made to the ground at AIT, cricket began to prosper. BCB cricket enjoyed its golden years between about 1985 and 1995 playing in both long (up to 50 overs) and short (25 to 35 overs) league formats, being Champions on more than one occasion and for several years fielding two teams. Unfortunately it all fell apart in the mid-1990s.

In 2001 a few individuals resurrected the annual trip to Chiang Mai, which had begun in 1982. For several years this became the only BC cricket event but it was much enjoyed and, in 2009, it was decided to try to organise more matches. The Cricket Section was re-established for the 2009/10 season using beautiful new practice nets that had been incorporated in the redesign of the Club Back Lawn.

For 7 seasons the newly formed team played only social cricket but took part in all formats of the game playing in 6 a-side Fireball Night leahue with outside 6/8 a-side tournaments, beach cricket, as well as ‘proper’ 11 a-side cricket played over 10, 20, 25 or 30 overs.  We even have a speacial Masters over 45's team for those who still want a go. 

It is always fun and everyone enjoys playing Cricket the British Club social way.  They have even won some games! over 7 seasons to 2014/15 the Club played around 60 ‘proper’ matches and won about 12, in the process establishing a record run of 36 consecutive defeats in 2013/14; now thankfully broken.

But team spirit was always high and for 2015/16 the Club took the bold decision to re-enter the Bangkok Cricket League, both in the highly competitive B Division and a new Masters Division aimed at the over 45s. Although still losing far more games than winning, the side is becoming increasingly competitive and ambitious, playing more cricket than any other team in Bangkok, and now well and truly embarked on its second golden era!

There is a good turnout for practice nets almost every weekend of the year and the facilities have got better and better. These must surely be the most attractive in Thailand ... and beyond. The Club also rebuilt a caged ‘multi-purpose court’ on the back lawn in 2013 and now hosts floodlit 6 a-side World Indoor Rules Fireball League Cricket three times a year, the most recent Series 7 involving 8 Bangkok teams.

Cricket at the British Club is in good health. The Section welcomes new players and enjoys getting together not just after nets but also for any excuse for a few beers. The main season runs from late October through May but there is cricket most of the year. Most of the cricket is is played in Bangkok but the Club makes tours to Chiang Mai in January, to Phuket at the end of October and plays in the Koh Chang Beach Cricket tournament in August.

Match results are regularly reported in the Club Magazine, Outpost, summaries are posted on the Club Notice Board in the main corridor in the Clubhouse, and the Section has its own Website www.britishclubcricket.com with all the latest results, fixtures and events.

There is a WhatsApp Group for Cricket Section Members who want all the latest gossip and updates on practice sessions etc and a fully on-line Pitchero APP for Fixtures and Availability and Selection updates.

Cricket at the British Club is provided for Members only.  It has its own web site, shown above, with individual contacts but anyone interested in joining the Section always contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Club does not organise youth cricket but practice sessions and coaching are sometimes provided at weekends and older ones are welcome to get some pointers at our nets sessions usually Sat/Sun 2-5pm Details from Amnat Saklebpradu, the Club’s Sports Manager by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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